Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Nail Fashion!!!

Out with the OLD, in with the NUDE! Just like nude pumps, nude nail polish is on the rise. Originally coined as a Spring color, nude nail polish has crossed over into Summer and now Fall. This color gives a clean, natural appearance and compliments all complexions. Almost every lacquer line has their own rendition of this classic color. This is MAC "Abalone Shell"

In addition to nude nails, these earth tones are also nice for fall! RGB "Steel" and MAC "Cool Reserve"

Matte Nails

This beautiful "Russian Navy" color by OPI shows sophistication and class. It's topped with a matte top coat that allows you to preserve your polish while maintaining a flat, velvety manicure. China Glaze and Essie both offer matte top coat


Fancy or simple, trendy or classic. Get perfect, nearly indestructible nail color with Minx. This process uses thin polymer sheets that are placed on nails and then heated to provide a perfect coat of color.

You don't NEED Minx in order to get metallic nails!

Minx nails look great but can get to be a bit pricey. There are many other options for metallic polish that pops!

OPI "Glitzerland"

Smokey Nails!

Just like smokey eye shadow, this color pallete has a very unique and mysterious look that's great for Fall 2010!

Not sure which color will look good on you? www.opi.com has an application that allows you to "try on" nail colors based on adjustable complexion and nail length.

Tip: While no two colors are identical, most popular brands have similar colors. It doesn't matter which brand you get. The life of your manicure depends on the base coat and top coat that you use. I use Seche Vite "Clear Base Coat" and "Dry Fast Top Coat" which allows me to keep a manicure for up to a week.


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